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We are a small family farm specializing in high-quality, organically grown produce. In addition to growing for some of the best restaurants in Dallas, we sell our food to the public through our Farm Box program. We grow for you!

We started our farm in 2005 in Pittsburg, Texas – a town about 100 miles east of Dallas.  Truly a small, family-run operation, we still plant every seed, pick every weed, and tend to every plant with our own hands.  We raise from seed all the plants we grow, many of which are specialty heirloom or hybrid varieties.  Suffice it to say, we are intimately involved in every part of the business: not only growing the food and tending to the land, but harvesting and washing the vegetables, packing the CSA boxes, making deliveries, maintaining the website, corresponding with our customers, and more.

We began selling our organic produce at a single table at the Dallas Farmers’ Market.  Four years later, encouraged by the support and interest from many of our customers, we started a CSA, which has evolved into what we now call our Farm Box program.  

Community support and a growing interest in the benefits of eating fresh, locally and sustainably grown foods have given us the opportunity to slowly expand the volume and variety of what we grow. We frequently experiment with different varieties of our established crops to determine what will thrive in our soil and withstand the finicky east Texas weather, while expanding the variety of what we plant each season.  Our vegetables are grown for their exceptional flavor, not for how long they keep or how far they ship.

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John & Aliza Kilburn

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