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About our CSA Program

Why join a CSA?

Good question!  Many diverse reasons lead people to join a CSA.  Some might include: You’ll know where your food comes from, who grows it, and how it’s grown.  You’ll be eating the freshest, healthiest foods sustainably grown and picked at their peak.  You’ll discover some new foods along the way, some which you may grow to love.  You will expand the variety and diversity of foods you eat, which couldn’t be a bad thing!  You’ll naturally increase the amount of vegetables in your diet, because you will have committed to receive a weekly share of our farm’s harvest.  You will re-discover the truly delicious flavor of fresh vegetables, grown for flavor and not for how long they’ll keep in the refrigerator (trust us: there is a tremendous difference!).  You’ll develop a greater understanding and appreciation for local agriculture, by learning which foods grow well in our area, and when they’re naturally in season.

What does your farm grow?

Kale  |  Swiss Chard  |  Mustard Greens  |  Mizuna  |  Spinach  |   Arugula  |  Mixed Lettuces  |  Fresh Herbs  |  Corn  |  Turnips  |  Rutabaga  |  Radishes  |  Onions  |  Spring Onions  |  Okra  |  Summer Squash  |  Zucchini  |  Winter Squash  |  Sweet Potatoes  |  New Potatoes  |  Sugar Snap Peas  |  English Peas  |  Green Beans  |  Melons  |  Eggplants  |  Cucumbers  |  Hot Peppers  |  Sweet Peppers  |  Tomatoes, standard size  |  Petite Tomatoes  |  Heirloom Tomatoes  |  Pumpkins

This is a fairly comprehensive list, although we’re bound to have left off something!  Plus, we’re always trying to grow new foods and we love experimenting with new varieties of foods we’ve grown before.

Do you do all of the farming yourselves?  Do you have help on the farm?

We still plant every seed, pull every weed, and tend to every plant with our own hands!  We do the composting, plowing, tilling, mulching, planting, seed starting, weeding, and picking ourselves.  In 2012, we were able to hire one full-time employee, in addition to the two part-time helpers we have as needed.

Are you organic?

Everything we grow is grown organically, however, we aren’t certified organic.  We farm using only low impact, sustainable methods: no synthetic pesticides or herbicides and no harmful chemical fertilizers.  We do not use any organically approved pest control sprays unless we absolutely have to.  We prefer to invest our time into improving our soil, raising healthy plants, and then letting nature do the work.  Additionally, we do not use genetically modified seed.  These ecologically sound practices are safe for us as growers, for you as consumers, and for the land around us.

How much will I get in my share?

We aim to provide 5 – 8 different varieties of produce within your share each week.  During the early spring, we may only have 5 foods to include, and two of them may be greens.  In the summertime, however, your share may include 8 – 10 different foods.  Both the variety and quantity depends on the seasons.

There’s an element of trust that goes into joining a CSA, meaning you’ve got to trust that we are doing everything we can to grow the freshest, most delicious food possible for you and your family.  To take it one step further, you’ve got to trust that we’re going to work our hardest to grow enough quantity and variety to keep your farm shares interesting and of the highest quality.  We aren’t trying to be difficult by saying “it depends on the seasons.”  We want you to be satisfied and overjoyed each week when you pick-up your share, excited by whatever we’ve harvested…it’s quality, variety, and flavor.

There will be times when the variety and quantity fluctuates.  Anyone who has participated in our CSA for the entire growing year understands and has experienced the natural ebb and flow of things.  Just as soon as you’re starting to love Tuscan Kale, it’s time may be up.  You may be dying for tomatoes in March, but they won’t be ready.  You could be tiring of cucumbers come June, even though they’ll be around for two more months!  Wanting strawberries in October?  Forget it!  To everything there is a time and a season.  What we can guarantee is that there will be incredibly bountiful times that more than make up for any week where the variety may not have been as diverse.

I live alone, or don’t think I will be able to eat a share’s worth of food each week.  Can I pick up bi-weekly?

At this time we don’t offer a bi-weekly pick-up, but can understand if committing to picking up each week is simply not feasible for everyone. In this instance, we would suggest that you partner with a friend or neighbor with whom you can “split” your share. You would share the cost of the subscription and you would alternate who picks up. This guarantees that each of you are receiving a share of produce every other week.

How do I know if joining your CSA is right for me?

-   Do you like to cook, or, are you committed to cooking more at home than you have in the past?  Do you like to try new foods?

-   Do you want to eat only the freshest, safest, highest quality produce?

-   Do you want to increase the amount of vegetables you consume in your diet?

-   Do you want to know where your food comes from?

-   Are you trying to eat more seasonally?

-   Are you flexible and open to cooking with new ingredients, or do you have strong likes and dislikes when it comes to the foods you eat?

-   Is it important to you that your food not travel thousands of miles before it reaches your plate?

-   Do you believe that good health starts in the kitchen, with the foods you eat?  Do you have a desire to eat more healthfully?

-   Do you have the time to come pick up your share on a weekly basis?

If you answered yes to some or most of these questions, it’s likely that you’re a great candidate for our CSA!

What if bad weather strikes, or drought?

When our farm is affected by conditions outside of our control, we will suspend the current term until conditions improve and we are able to harvest enough to resume the CSA and make-up for the missed drops.

Do you sell at Farmers Markets?

We sell at the Winnsboro Farmers Market in season and at the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market.  You can also purchase our fresh produce at The Farmer’s Wife, our specialty food store and farm market in downtown Mount Pleasant that we opened in April 2015.  We would love to have you come visit us!