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Wednesday’s CSA Box | No. 2

You’ll notice some plain green peppers in your box this week.  Don’t let their plain-jane look fool you!  Fresh-from-the-farm Padron peppers, aka pimientos de Padrón, are appearing here and there on restaurant menus as simple pan-fried appetizers – similar to how shishito peppers are often featured.  There was once a time when you might only encounter Padrons at tapas bars or Spanish restaurants, but now all kinds of chefs are now starting to embrace them as more local farmers begin to grow them!  More often than not, padrons are pan-fried in olive oil until their skin blisters, then they’re sprinkled with sea salt for an easy yet delicious finger food.  One bite and you’ll get to experience their smoky, clean flavor; however, be cautious, because roughly half of your padron peppers will be spicy!  Think of it as tapas roulette.

Also, regarding this week’s herbs, check out this wonderful collection of ideas for how to use sage.  If you received rosemary, we’re anxious to make these cornmeal muffins with apricots and rosemary, a recipe guaranteed to get you in the mood for Fall!

For recipe links, hover your mouse over each image.  And if you have any specific questions on how to use any of the items in your box, send us an e-mail.  We love hearing from you!