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Wednesday’s CSA Box | No. 6

We have some terrific recipes this week to accompany some of the goods you received in your box!  But, please note: ifView full post »

Wednesday’s CSA Box | No. 4

We ought to call this week’s box the bulk box, since so many of the veggies you’re getting are seriouslyView full post »

Saturday’s CSA Box | No. 3

Scroll your mouse over the images below to find a recipe link for each veggie you received this week!  The recipe forView full post »

Wednesday’s CSA Box | No. 3

Sorry we were late in getting this posted!View full post »

Wednesday’s CSA Box | No. 2

You’ll notice some plain green peppers in your box this week.  Don’t let their plain-jane look fool you!  View full post »

Eating Winter Squash…Raw?

I love this idea of treating winter squash (such as butternut, delicata, or acorn) the way you might carrots —View full post »

Wednesday’s First CSA Box of the Fall Session

We’ll be posting this info following each Wednesday and Saturday CSA delivery, so bookmark this page and come byView full post »

Quick Fix: Stuffed Squash

I know…that’s a rather extravagant amount of cheese I put on top of these delicious stuffed squash, but outView full post »

Quick Fix: Roasted Eggplant with Mozzarella

When we resume our CSA for the fall session next week, members will be getting beautiful little heirloom eggplants.  WeView full post »

A Pancake for Dinner

Not what you were expecting, right?  This “pancake” is made from butternut squash and it’s two bestView full post »

The Tale of the Cushaw Squash

If you’re not as familiar with cushaw squash as you are other fall squash varieties—-such as butternut,View full post »